Winter: Skating

Winter: Skating

This photo is a result of a mistake. I was using the Edge 80 Lensbaby optic. I’d forgotten that when it’s tilted it throws off the exposure meter. I was blissfully shooting away without compensating for that. Most of what I got was worthless…but with this one frame, by sheer chance, it worked. It played up the cold white sheet of ice the way it appears to eyes that are partly blinded by the brilliance of unshielded sun on all that ice. It FEELS cold. And it shows the motion of the skaters as well as the occasional burst of color from a ski jacket. What I see, too, is the freedom of simply skating on a frozen pond. In NYC, where I grew up, one skated on crowded rinks, where the skaters circled around in one direction. On Paper Goods Pond, boys play hokey off to one side, and everyone else just…skates. It’s also so cool to think that is the place we kayak in the summer.

Camera: Canon EOS T3, Lensbaby Composer/Edge 80

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5 Responses to Winter: Skating

  1. Mike says:

    I was just reading another post by a photographer that said some of his best shots were mistakes quite like yours. Nothing wrong with that. I think it helps us think outside the box too!

  2. Judi Clark says:

    Love how this turned out… now if you can replicate this technique it will not longer just be a mistake but a skillful way to use your lens baby.

  3. jackscrap says:

    What I really love about this image is all the blue shadows created by the skaters.

  4. John & Lois says:

    Love the bright ice and colorful skaters. You captured the cold winter fun beautifully.

  5. Tammy says:

    Artsy and perfect!

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