Wide Angle: Gulls

Wide Angle: Gulls

Gulls gather on the beach: Newport. Rhode Island. Taken with Lensbaby Muse, wide angle lens

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7 Responses to Wide Angle: Gulls

  1. jackscrap says:

    Looks like just another day at the beach for those gulls, got it all to themselves.

  2. danudin says:

    Those gulls must have eaten a lot of chips to need a wide angle lens to shoot them.

  3. Tammy says:

    I do not have the wide angle for the lensbaby…might have to look into it…beautiful shot!

  4. John & Lois says:

    Lovely image with the repeating waves and waves in the beach.

  5. PC PHOTO says:

    I like the slight bow at the horizon. Give those gulls kudos for going in that cold water.

  6. The curvature of the horizon is very interesting.

  7. I like the horizontal lines captured here.

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