Loneliness: Bus stop

Loneliness: Bus stop

One feels that sense of urban loneliness–isolation even in the presence of others–at a bus stop in winter in NYC.

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4 Responses to Loneliness: Bus stop

  1. John & Lois says:

    The selective focus, blur and black and white show the urban loneliness that can be felt among fellow travelers.

  2. dragonfur says:

    Your last 3 shots epitomize loneliness (abandonment goes along with that!). I especially like the Starbucks shot. Although the main subject doesn’t look lonely (a book really IS a great companion), the fellow on the right of the shot really does look lonely and dejected. Of course, it may just be he’s reading from a Nook reader . . .

  3. KarenAnn says:

    The cold and loneliness that can be part of city life is very apparent and of course the processing contributes in a major way.

  4. ~Val says:

    The processing really hammers home your theme.

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