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Young: Ice cream

Granddude Aidan and daughter Sierra share an ice cream experience at Stew Leonard’s this weekend. Taken with the iPhone; processing with the PhotoGene and Skipbleach apps. Advertisements

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Wide angle: Flying gull

A gull takes flight over a breaking wave on the beach at Newport. Taken with the Lesnbaby Muse with the wide angle lens.

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Wide Angle: Gulls

Gulls gather on the beach: Newport. Rhode Island. Taken with Lensbaby Muse, wide angle lens

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Wide Angle: Beach at Newport Rhode Island

I suspect most of my shots for this theme will come from our overnight trip to Newport Rhode Island. There aren’t that many opportunities for expansive vistas here in Kensington, Connecticut; but Newport is there on the ocean. We’ve been … Continue reading

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Quiet: Lunch

This gentleman was enjoying a quiet lunch in the company of a stack of books an the Barns & Nobel café.

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Quiet: Reading

John reads Dr. Seuss with granddude Aidan

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