Religion: After Mass

Religion: After Mass

Deacon Gene cleans the altar vessels after this morning’s Easter Mass. Taken with the Lensbaby Muse

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5 Responses to Religion: After Mass

  1. danudin says:

    Looks like he is getting it ready to go back to the Pawn Shop.

  2. Cathy says:

    Looks like he has had lots of practice at polishing, they do shine his cups and things.

  3. John & Lois says:

    This year the young children were called up to the altar for an Easter egg hunt after mass. The sunshine smiles and colorful bonnets were a joy for all to see.

  4. KarenAnn says:

    The Lensbaby sure captures the mysterious aspect of all the church rituals and adds that extra special touch to this photo.

  5. PC PHOTO says:

    Extraordinary view of this ritual!

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