Mourning for Boston

Mourning for Boston

I know my theme for this week is Wildlife, and I have several more photos to share. But my heart is just not in it tonight. As a resident of new England, I just feel shattered: first the Newtown massacre, and now the bombing at the Boston Marathon. An eight year old killed–my granddude is eight. Even to imagine losing him is unbearable. People gathered for a festive day blown to bits…There just aren’t any words. So I offer this: I took this photo on Sunday when we stopped to visit and pay our respects at an obscure and mostly forgotten monument to a local man who lost his life when the USS Thresher went down 50 years ago this week. The weather was fittingly cold and bleak. I am feeling cold and bleak tonight. So much senseless loss.

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8 Responses to Mourning for Boston

  1. danudin says:

    Our thoughts are all with them!

  2. storki says:

    I am so with you on this one. The story broke whilst I was in the office and chilled us all. Our thoughts and prayers and with everyone.

    I love the photo you used for this post, kind of represents the mood really well.

  3. Jacki says:

    Such a sad time for everyone, if only we could make the world a safer place for our children to grow up in.

  4. Tammy says:

    So perfect for this sad day!

  5. KarenAnn says:

    It has been a sad week for so many. Causes one to reflect on the importance again of living every moment as if it’s your last.

  6. PC PHOTO says:

    The grungy grain and cloud cover speaks volumes about this tragedy.

  7. gemma says:

    I haven’t had a chance to look at everyone’s photos in a while but you captured the feeling of the boston bombing with this image.

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