Tradition/History: Pocket Watch

Tradition/History: Pocket Watch

This pocket watch belonged to my husband’s uncle. His name was John, but he was always called Scat. Scat was quite a colorful character. He ran a speakeasy during Prohibition. As his namesake, my husband inherited his watch, but it didn’t work. For John’s 40th birthday, I took it to a watchmaker to get it fixed. The man was able to get it functioning but warned me that it couldn’t be wound very often. He nearly reprimanded me because it hadn’t ever been cleaned and so couldn’t be fully repaired. John took it down to NYC to show his Dad, who was Scat’s much younger brother. He asked why it had never been cleaned. The Old Man looked at John as if most of his brain cells were missing. “Are you kiddin’?” he said in his think New York accent, “Uv cawse it was nevah cleaned. It wuz hot!”

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5 Responses to Tradition/History: Pocket Watch

  1. Brilliant story. smashing photo!

  2. danudin says:

    Now your History and Stay outta the Hoosgow, Old Brooklyn saying! LoL Love the photo but the story Moreso Ma Baker!

  3. KarenAnn says:

    Beauty of a watch and the photo is perfect as it lends a bit of mystery to the watch. Great story!

  4. Great story and a great photo

  5. John & Lois says:

    Love the backstory for this neat watch photo.

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