Quirky/off beat: RennFaire

Quirky/off beat: RennFaire

OK, yeah…it’s pretty quirky to dress up in pseudo-medieval garb and pretend to be part of a clean, pretend, totally anachronistic but magical era that never existed but should have. Here we meet Eleanor of Aquitaine and her tremendously disappointing son, John. Quirky and (to my 21 year old daughter, who just cant believe her elderly parents DO this kind of stuff!) off beat.

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7 Responses to Quirky/off beat: RennFaire

  1. jackscrap says:

    Hope you never lose your sense of adventure, sad to think that the more youthful amongst us seem to lose it so early, hopefully to regain it when they’re older.

  2. Tammy says:

    Love those costumes! Very fun!

  3. danudin says:

    This would be an everyday sight for Ivor, Methinks Egad and Yoiks.

  4. Forsooth, it sounds Ron has seen my wardrobe. It is the duty of every parent to embarrass their offspring at every opportunity, and have fun in the process. That’s a fantastic picture and you can see from the expressions of the people that they are really into playing the parts.

  5. John & Lois says:

    A fun time for all . . . methinks.

  6. KarenAnn says:

    Love the processing! Wonder what quirkiness your daughter will partake in when she is “elderly”? Enjoy yourselves!

  7. PC PHOTO says:

    Not quirky in my book!

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