Light: Bass Harbor Light

Light: Bass Harbor Light

the Bass Harbor Light near Acadia National Park is one of THE most photographed lighthouses in the country. Long before the “golden hour,” photographers start to gather, jockeying for prime spots to capture the lighthouse in jus that right magical light. I thought it would be fun to grab a shot of the lot of them rather than risking my neck climbing out on the rocks to compete with them.

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6 Responses to Light: Bass Harbor Light

  1. judiclark says:

    Great decision on your part! There is a spot at Yosemite National Park like this with all the photographers getting ready to take their shot at the iconoclastic image… although that one is not as dangerous as this one would be. Great idea for a photo.. and the theme.

  2. John & Lois says:

    The colors are fantastic. I like all the photographers in the image. This does tell the story of the quest for the perfect picture.

  3. ~Val says:

    I’ve been in on some of those sunset shoots. Kind of crazy. Love your point of view on this one!

  4. danudin says:

    When you say most photographed – I am assuming you meant THAT DAY and you got all the photographers, LoL Now that is snapping what is the happening scene.

  5. PC PHOTO says:

    I like your vantage point!

  6. KarenAnn says:

    I concur with your decision! Buy a postcard of the perfect lighthouse shot….this one has lots of character.

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