Shades of grey: carillon

Shades of grey: carillon

Since 1978, we have spent each summer Wednesday that we’re not traveling at the carillon concert at Trinity College in Hartford. We bring a picnic dinner and sit on the lawn (or, if it’s raining, in the cloister–we are not weather wusses.) More often than not, we are joined by friends. The carilloneur tonight was Dan Kehoe. For many years, Dan was the Head Carilloneur. He worked hard to promote the concerts. He retired a few years ago, but he still plays one concert a year–and when he does, it’s Open Tower Night. Anyone is permitted to climb the hundred or so winding stairs to the top to watch him wail away on the paddle-like keys that ring the bells via the pulleys that you can see overhead.

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3 Responses to Shades of grey: carillon

  1. John & Lois says:

    What a lovely tradition. The hundred or so steps would now stop us from the pleasure of seeing first hand the playing of the bells. A few years back and we would have jumped for joy and raced up the steps.

  2. PC PHOTO says:

    Nothing better on a summer eve than listening to the sweet sounds of carillon.

  3. What did it sound like up there?

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