Vision: At the Pond

Vision: At the Pond

Life’s been a bit stressful lately, so John and I walked down to Paper Goods Pond this evening because it’s a place where one finds peace. I noticed someone sitting on a bench gazing out at the pond. I took a few surreptitious shots of her. I was experimenting with the plastic optic on my LensBaby, and I was so distracted by it that I didn’t realize until she got up to come over to us that it was my friend, Gail. Gail goes there nearly every evening to watch the sun set and to spend a little time in quite contemplation.

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5 Responses to Vision: At the Pond

  1. John & Lois says:

    Very interesting moody effect.

  2. judiclark says:

    Very artistic effect!

  3. Love the composition and the dreamlike quality.

  4. lorri1675 says:

    I like the dreamy feel in this one.

  5. KarenAnn says:

    Love the emotion in this and the fact that the out of focus surroundings seem to tell the story of the “zone” that the subject finds herself in at this location.

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