Night/Dusk: Tree and Moon

Night/Dusk: Tree and Moon

An evergreen, the moon, the last glow of an expiring day: evening distilled.

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6 Responses to Night/Dusk: Tree and Moon

  1. judiclark says:

    Looks like a silkscreen print. Lovely!

  2. John & Lois says:

    I love the silhouetted tree against the beautiful twilight colors of the sky.

  3. danudin says:

    Great shot but we are only at half Moon downunder.

  4. PC PHOTO says:

    A wonderfully strong silhouette of the tree and soothing pastel sky to say goodnight to.

  5. KarenAnn says:

    Day is done….peaceful!

  6. great use of a silhouette

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