Games: Jousting

Games: Jousting

Henry VIII looks on as two of his knights compete on the field of honor. When I became enamored of Arthurian lore after reading “The Once and Future King” as a freshman in high school, I never dreamed that I’d be able to see jousting. Granted, this is Jousting Lite, with balsa wood spears designed to shatter and no intention to knock the opponent off the horse or cause injury. Even the later Joust of War supposedly “to the death” is (thankfully) staged.
Still, there’s a considerable and impressive degree of skill involved, and for a few moments, one can immerse one’s self in at least the more romantic and dramatic moments of a time long past.

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4 Responses to Games: Jousting

  1. danudin says:

    Henry the VIII would have taken part – He was big into Games!

  2. John & Lois says:

    Nice capture. The Joust is our favorite part of a Ren Faire.

  3. Great capture!…Is one of the riders a woman?

    • bfcphotos says:

      Yes–on the left is Dame Fiona of Orkney, the Kicker of Puppies. I’d love to root for her, but unfortunately, Dame Fiona is *evil.* This year, sadly, Dame Fiona bested the noble Sir Sullivan on the field of combat. There is no justice. She is noted for giving her opponents Ye Bronx Cheer, which is just NOT chivalrous. Plus…she cheats.

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