Play: Recorder

Play: Recorder

Aidan is learning to play the recorder. At lot of squawking right now, but I think he’s beginning to get the hang of it.

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4 Responses to Play: Recorder

  1. John & Lois says:

    I can hear a Christmas tune.

  2. It looks like he can play B! I remember learning the first few notes on a recorder when I was that age. I am sure my family suffered something rotten. 😀 At least I didn’t learn violin, which is painful to listen to when played by a beginner. You’ve had some fantastic photos here over the last year and I’ve really enjoyed seeing them all. I hope you have really good Christmas and New Year holidays and I look forward to seeing more in 2014.

  3. PC PHOTO says:

    Fabulous composition Bobbie!

  4. danudin says:

    I can’t even play a comb and paper.

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