Help Me Make It Through The Night

Help Me Make It Through The Night

“It’s so sad to be alone…”

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10 Responses to Help Me Make It Through The Night

  1. danudin says:

    One is the Loneliest Number!

  2. regularman says:

    Very poignant image Bobbie.

  3. Lois Svejda says:

    Perfect processing to evoke the feeling of sadness.

  4. Tammy says:

    You captured pure raw emotion! Perfect for the song!

  5. KarenAnn says:

    I’m going to choose to look at this image (a very nice one) as a man who has sneaked away from a hectic lifestyle for a quiet moment and coffee and is actually enjoying this moment…alone isn’t necessarily lonely…just another take on this lovely image.

  6. Interesting how an added song title and some processing can determine the mood of an image! The song and title work here to make the viewer feel this is a lonely man, maybe a little sad. Bright processing and a different title for the same image might have conveyed a pleasurable stolen moment of “me time.”

    • bfcphotos says:

      Lorri- (and KarenAnn)-You are absolutely right. In reality, this guy was contentedly sipping his coffee and reading a book. He seemed pretty happy. But I was up against a theme, so I shot low, cutting out the book and zeroing in on the coffee and his silhouette against the window and the parking lot; then used the grungy stark processing to make the scene seem desolate.

  7. PC PHOTO says:

    One is the loneliest number but I zeroed in on that coffee and thought about caffine helping him stay awake. lol

  8. Zeria says:

    I like your image … and I like your explanation of your composition and processing.

  9. traceyjj says:

    This is a very striking image. Love the processing and the subject matter

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