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Dreamer: “You know you had it comin’ to you. Now there’s not a lot that I can do.”

We went out for dinner in West Hartford Center this evening. Afterwards, we strolled down to Blue Back Square, where people were sitting at the outdoor tables listening to some mellow live music…and there just happened to be a dozen … Continue reading

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Half as Much: “You only build me up to let me down.”

This is Kensington Grammar School. It was built in 1910, and children in our town were educated there until the late 70s. After that, it fell into disrepair and then dereliction to the point where it was no longer salvageable. … Continue reading

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Somebody to Love: “Can anybody find somebody for me to love?”

This young couple has had an answer to the question.

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So Far away: “Where are you when the sun goes down?”

Long Island Sound as afternoon passes through evening into night.

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Reach Out: “I’ll be there with a love that will shelter you.”

When we were kayaking this afternoon, we drew close to this mother swan and her four cygnets. She was fiercely protective, keeping herself between us and her babies. While she was hissing at me, she was also calling out–and then … Continue reading

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