Half as Much: “You only build me up to let me down.”

This is Kensington Grammar School. It was built in 1910, and children in our town were educated there until the late 70s. After that, it fell into disrepair and then dereliction to the point where it was no longer salvageable. Across the street is St. Paul’s Catholic church. The pastor is a man with imagination and a certain degree of vision. About a year ago, the parish bought the property; it is to be converted into a meditation garden and a bandstand, where they can hold family concerts and picnics. This week began the sad process of demolishing the building. Last night, we walked down to see what had been done during the day. Around the fence were gathered many neighbors who were my age or a little older. they had all gone to school there and were waxing rather nostalgic. (If anyone is reading this in the next week or two, the parish has a live Demo Cam on its web site where you can check out the action during the day: http://www.stpaulkensington.org)

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2 Responses to Half as Much: “You only build me up to let me down.”

  1. John & Lois says:

    Sad to see the old building demolished, but the new garden will be a place to make new memories.

  2. PC PHOTO says:

    This sight evokes so many emotions there is an odd sense of security with parts of our pasts and seeing it diminished to rubble stirs a sadness. So nice to learn there is someone with a vision for the space.

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