\ We did our last minute Christmas shopping at Blue Back Square in West Hartford.  As we were leaving, this group of young carolers from a Congregational church in Glastonbury was gathering to sing. My eyes were drawn to the rainbow tones of their winter jackets.  The little freckle faced scamp in the bright blue jacket (second from the left)  was clearly a bit of a restless challenge for the choir director…but then when she settled them to start, he was the one who began, solo, in a pure fine well trained voice, the first verse of “Once in Royal David’s City.”

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3 Responses to Rainbow

  1. danudin says:

    Bloody Kids, they can wear COLOURS that would look silly on US! – More POWER to THEM!

  2. John & Lois says:

    Love seeing the rainbow colored youngsters spreading the holiday spirit.

  3. Tammy says:

    I think they have every color covered…hope they sounded as bright and merry as they looked!

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