Roll Over (also Red)

Muffin wrapper 2

Well, it wasn’t quite a roll–it was a muffin–but it’s over, done and eaten.  It was the dark red table and circular geometry that caught my eye.

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Summer Fun


Are you kidding me?  It’s JANUARY in NEW ENGLAND!  Summer is a concept that we seem to remember distantly…or was that just a cold and sleet induced fantasy?  But we can make fun–even photographic fun.  Yesterday, we gave our granddude these cook spy specs.  They look like ordinary sunglasses, but when you put them on, you can see behind you!  I played around with a photo of him wearing them in Photoshop Elements, creating this fun Andy Warhol silk screen effect.

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Pleasure (also Red)

Ripe tomato

There are few culinary pleasures that exceed the taste of a ripe tomato fresh off the vine. For those of us in New England, it’s generally a pleasure to be had only in late summer.  But this beauty–3 inches in diameter–is growing upstairs in the Mom Cave (our spare room) in an AeroGarden. AeroGardens are small self contained hydroponic gardens.  I’ve got a few: one for herbs, one for salad greens, one for chili peppers and two small ones (in our living room and at my office) with flowers.  Temps have been above freezing once in the past week and a half–and I’m growing tomatoes upstairs!

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Dominoes larger

The orange pips stand out from the blue and purple ones around them on the library game table.  Taken with the LensBaby Composer/Sweet 35.

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52 in 2015: Street

52 in 2015: Street

52 in 2015: Street

Main Street in Hartford, Connecticut on a grey January afternoon.  Taken with the Lensbaby Muse, zone plate optic.

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Parking lot lines

Poor John!  All he wants to do is to get out of the cold back to the car that’s parked in a big garage…and there’s his wife taking photos of the lines on the pavement.  But my assignment is to be aware of color, and the brilliant yellow bars against the worn grey concrete drew my attention.

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\ We did our last minute Christmas shopping at Blue Back Square in West Hartford.  As we were leaving, this group of young carolers from a Congregational church in Glastonbury was gathering to sing. My eyes were drawn to the rainbow tones of their winter jackets.  The little freckle faced scamp in the bright blue jacket (second from the left)  was clearly a bit of a restless challenge for the choir director…but then when she settled them to start, he was the one who began, solo, in a pure fine well trained voice, the first verse of “Once in Royal David’s City.”

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Santa at Stew's

Red is the dominant color in this photo of a delightful exchange between a warm engaging Santa and a True Believer.  (Me, I think this Santa just might be the real one.)

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Marigolds 3

The weather folk promised “abundant sunshine” today.  The closest we got a bit of pale light near the horizon.  The sky has been unrelentingly leaden for days upon days.  But in my living room in a tiny 3 pod AeroGarden, I have pink and white zinnias and yellow marigolds.

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Red bag This man waiting for the train to NYC clearly had a Christmas gift in this big red shopping bag.

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